Napoleon’s hats

Last summer, as we were traveling through the islands in the south of Denmark, we stopped by a bakery and picked up assorted baked goods. The Napoleon’s hat, or Napoleonshatte in Danish, was one of them. I used this recipe from as the foundation when I made mine. It was much easier to make… Continue reading Napoleon’s hats

Cinnamon snails

As I said with the raspberry slices – there are certain things I miss about Denmark. The Kanelsnegle – or cinnamon snail – is one of them. It is slightly more cake-y than a regular cinnamon bun, and usually dripping with icing. I tried to make my own. And failed.     I tried my… Continue reading Cinnamon snails

Raspberry slice

Apart from the people, (and how flat it is, so you can easily bike anywhere) the thing I miss about Copenhagen most frequently, is how you can walk into a 7-11 and get rather decent pastry. Sure, it’s probably better at the local bakery or bakeshop, but the 7-11 is almost everywhere and open when… Continue reading Raspberry slice

Plum chutney

We’ve had a fair bit of plums outside this year. They’re not as tasty-looking as in previous years,  (I am really picky when it comes to eating plums from the tree – they have to look just right, or else I won’t bother) so the obvious thing is to use them as an ingredient in… Continue reading Plum chutney