It’s my birthday. I’m going to be the cliché and say that the years really do pass faster as I’m getting older. 35, but don’t really feel it. My boss had to check the employment records yesterday to see if the birthday list in our break room was correct – so I guess I don’t… Continue reading 35

Gingerbread cookies

Usually decorated with icing, but at my Mum’s cousin’s funeral – she got the idea to do them with coarse salt. Insanely yummy. 


A while ago, I made a Facebook event for a housewarming party. I lacked the energy to actually invite anyone. Now the date of the event is approaching. Instead, I am having people individually over. That’s about the level of energy right now. It would be even easier to not have anyone over, but that… Continue reading Housewarming

I bought an apartment

and am currently waiting to see if my loan application go through. Signed the contract on the house yesterday. The bank gave me a pre-approval for a sum before I went hunting, and I am actually applying for less loan than I was pre-approved for. So, theoretically, I should be ok. Still a jittery process.… Continue reading I bought an apartment

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Summing up January in pictures

January has actually been pretty eventful – even though it may not seem like it here on the blog. We had snow. And freezing cold. And I just curled up under two sets of duvets (both designed for winter) and decided that I might consider hibernating like a bear during this period of year. Then… Continue reading Summing up January in pictures

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Advent calendar: Colour away

I know colouring books for grown-ups are everywhere. I have a lot of them myself – and the more I have, the less patience I have for doing it. But, for me, what is fun, is having a bunch of colouring books, drawing pencils and markers and having my sisters over for a colouring session.… Continue reading Advent calendar: Colour away

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Nanowrimo update

So far, about the only thing I have done with success (out of the three things I am signed up for that happens in November, as mentioned in an earlier blog post) is Nanowrimo. I’m a rebel this year. I am actually not writing a novel. Instead, I am sort of journaling the mood of… Continue reading Nanowrimo update