Lemon & Poppyseed Muffin

Sometimes, baking means accepting failures. And then there is the option of what to do with said failures. I was going to make these muffins from Passion 4 Baking: Starbucks Skinny Lemon & Poppyseed Muffin. But something went wrong. I either filled them with too little dough, used the wrong sort of baking powder, or… Continue reading Lemon & Poppyseed Muffin

Cinnamon snails

As I said with the raspberry slices – there are certain things I miss about Denmark. The Kanelsnegle – or cinnamon snail – is one of them. It is slightly more cake-y than a regular cinnamon bun, and usually dripping with icing. I tried to make my own. And failed.     I tried my… Continue reading Cinnamon snails