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This blog is a bit of a mish-mash of many different things. A bit of cooking, a bit of royalty, a bit of bitching and moaning, a bit of reviewing things I read or watch… and whatever else may strike my fancy. I tried being a full-time royal blog for a while, but found out I’m happier without the restrictions.

I’m Anne. I’m Norwegian. Forever 29, plus a couple of months. It’s getting to be quite a few extra months, but I’ll remain 29 for as long as I want.

I’m a librarian.

I wrote my master’s thesis on knowledge organization in online communities.

I like to cook. I like to read. I like to write. I like to knit. And I’m trying to teach myself to enjoy working out. No huge success so far.

  • Amazon links are affiliate, which means, if you click – I may get something back from it. It has yet to happen, and as I don’t earn my living from this, I don’t mind. But disclosure anyway. If I link, I either have bought it myself, or added it to my wish list with plans to buy it for myself. I don’t link to things I am asked to link to.


  1. When I saw The News on Belgian Television, so many people together in Oslo, singing “Til Ungdommen”, I was crying, even now I’m writing this …
    I don’t understand the Norwegian language althougs it’s a bit similar on Dutch, but the music is so beautifull …
    Many thanks for this blog.
    I dont know what I can wish to the people in Norway … my tears don’t have the right words …

  2. I found your site because, after the English Royal Wedding, I became interested in Royalty. I found your site because of your posts about the Norwegian Royal Family. I kept stopping by from time to time because I enjoyed your insights into life in Norway AND the NRF.
    I am prompted to write you, however, because we are both librarians! I am not 20-something, as this is my second career, but I, too, have to explain to people that a MLIS is a graduate degree!
    Greetings from a fellow librarian, half a world away!
    J dB

  3. Dear Anne, I am a fellow Corporette enthusiast. I like your blog! I recently became interested in Norway and Norwegian culture. I’d like to visit some day (though I’d have to save money for a long time!) In the meantime, do you have any reading recommendations? I read “Out Stealing Horses” and saw the film “Kongen av Bastoy,” and I am hooked!
    Thanks, and all the best.


  4. For reading recommendations similar to Out stealing horses – try Anne B. Ragde’s Berlin Poplars (available at Amazon). It should be somewhat similar.

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