Cinnamon snails

As I said with the raspberry slices – there are certain things I miss about Denmark. The Kanelsnegle – or cinnamon snail – is one of them. It is slightly more cake-y than a regular cinnamon bun, and usually dripping with icing.

I tried to make my own. And failed.




I tried my hand with this recipe from DR – but somehow, along the process, something went wrong. It definitely does not have the taste or texture like any cinnamon snail I’ve had in Denmark.

I suspect there are many reasons for this.

The yeast might have rebelled against my Norwegian cold kitchen.

The filling, which unlike the Norwegian recipe does not require melted butter, but softened butter whipped with cinnamon and sugar to a spread, which is then schmeared on the dough before rolling and cutting – also ended up being a problem – as the butter melted and sank to the bottom in the proofing time. (This might be because I used a slightly warm oven for proofing place as my kitchen is kind of cold.)

There was also confusion (for me at least) when to add the milk to the yeast, as I couldn’t tell when the recipe said for it to be added.

I debated whether or not to post this, as it is a failure – but since I’m definitely not perfect…

Anyone have a kanelsnegle recipe they use and love?

By Anne

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