Lapper, or sveler, is the Norwegian version of American pancakes. Well, other than the fact that you’d get a strange look over here if you tried eating them for breakfast. They’re squarely in the domain of sweet food – hence they are meant to be eaten for afternoon tea/coffee. Maybe if a class or an… Continue reading Lapper

Norwegian cooking: Gomme

A lot of the time, traditional Norwegian food does not look particularly appetizing. In many cases, it looks bland and boring. And other times, it sort of looks like a brain exploded. Which is why, if you’re throwing a Halloween bash or a gory themed party, this dish is perfect for the visual aspect. Gomme/Gome… Continue reading Norwegian cooking: Gomme

Mickey Mouse-shaped Oat Waffles

Norwegian-style waffles are softer than the Belgian ones. There are about as many different recipes as there are households, I’d think. They’re usually heart-shaped, but I couldn’t resist using my sister’s Mickey Mouse waffle-iron. These ones came about when I was cleaning up my diet by doing  low-GI for a while after Christmas, but still… Continue reading Mickey Mouse-shaped Oat Waffles

Norwegian Christmas Baking: Kakemenn

Quite literally translated as Cookie Men, these are essentially white sugar cookies, with a small change. Instead of baking powder or baking soda, the leavener is horn salt, or ammonium bicarbonate, which gives it a slight “kick” in flavor, and makes the kitchen smell a bit odd while they’re baking in the oven. It’s one of… Continue reading Norwegian Christmas Baking: Kakemenn