Weirdly enough, I am one of those people who cannot stand to listen to radio with all its interruptions. But give me a podcast and I am there. The only thing is, I mostly have to listen to all of the episodes of a series… and so I’ve been mainlining #amwriting, and once I was… Continue reading Podcasts

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How “German” is the new king?

Because I saw this on Twitter, and it really exemplified something I’d been wanting to do, just about every time English media call the royal family German… (I’m using where the birth place is located today – since the further out we get, the more the borders of Europe changes.) King Charles III: Born in:… Continue reading How “German” is the new king?

Death of Ari Behn

For some odd reason or another, it has been my Dad who has informed me of the death of the royal exes. First Diana in 1997, and now Ari Behn in 2019. Odd, because he’s really not hugely into monarchy as a concept or as a reality. But anyway, Ari Behn – former spouse of… Continue reading Death of Ari Behn

The difficulty

I am currently going through my Amazon recommendations, and though there are many books there that certainly should be read – I click them away, and kind of feel guilty about it. Books that are absolutely worthy. Either by virtue of topic or skill of the writer – or both. But so many books, so… Continue reading The difficulty

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A challenge?

I might be petty, but if you’re finished with your Goodreads challenge on January 1st – then it isn’t a challenge at all. Is it? Let me clarify. My Goodreads challenge is 600 books. That means, this year, I aim to read 600 books. To most people, that is a lot of books. BUT: I… Continue reading A challenge?

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Mette-Marit’s continued history of ailments

In 2013, I posted about the Crown Princess’ history of ailments and unfortunate accidents. (Some of you have supplied updates in the comments on that post.) Today, she, her husband and her doctor revealed in an interview (as well as in a press release from the court) that she has been diagnosed with chronic pulmonary… Continue reading Mette-Marit’s continued history of ailments


I’m addicted to notebooks. I buy more of them than I really need. Mostly in the hope that I will get back into writing more again. Today I pulled one out at a meeting. I filled the page. And when I turned it, I discovered the start of a story idea. I wonder if that… Continue reading Notebooks

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Roasting vegetables for soup

I bought a new freezer the other day – and currently I seem to be doing my best to fill it up. The other day I made sweet potato and carrot soup. Today, parsnip, tomatoes and onions are roasting in the oven – and I am waiting to make stock and blend. And then freeze.… Continue reading Roasting vegetables for soup

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