Prince Henrik of Denmark is dead

The Prince passed away last night at Fredensborg palace after a long hospitalization. He was returned from the hospital to spend his last days at Fredensborg. Expected after the long illness, but still sad and shocking. RIP.

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I think my goal for 2018 is going to be cutting food/drink from my diet that has unexpected, unecessarily added sugar/sweetener. I’m not going to radically stop eating sweets, but I find it incredible to see sugar listed twice on the ingredients of a frozen pizza, for example. If I eat a chocolate or a… Continue reading Sugar


Curling up in bed, trying to stave off the cold/flu that I feel is coming. Doesn’t hurt that there is a book or two to be read, either. Of course, today’s original plan was to finish filling the new pantry. But anyways…

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Take a deep breath…

Autumn (in combination with the hormonal cycle) is wreaking its havoc on my mood again. Things that aren’t usually affecting me – feel like the end of the world. Taking a deep breath – pausing – and doing something concrete and positive instead. I’m not good at that. Not good at disconnecting from it. I… Continue reading Take a deep breath…

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Last week

I made this yummy sweet potato and carrot soup for dinner last Monday – and ate it throughout the week. 4 servings when you live alone… it’s either eat it until you’re sick of it – or have a decent-sized freezer.

I’m a grown-up

Finished work for today. Made dinner (from yesterday’s leftovers.) Loaded (and put on) the dishwasher. Loaded and started the washer. Eh… enough at being a grown-up for today: Play Sims 4 for the rest of the day.

Current royal reading

For a long period, I haven’t done much royal blogging, but I thought I would share what I’m reading/recently have read with you. I’ve recently finished the new biography on Prince Charles by Sally Bedell Smith. I liked that it feels balanced – Prince Charles isn’t perfect, but he is also not as monstrous as… Continue reading Current royal reading