I curl up in bed

aches, pains and all, and wonder what is wrong with me. I check the calendar – and it is hormones cycling around like crazy. And a time I generally try to stay as zen as possible because any major issues can throw it all out of balance. But: Real life is full of stress. And… Continue reading I curl up in bed


One of the triggers for my health issues, is, surprise – surprise, stressful situations or situations that send my mind into overdrive and I stress about. Mostly this is at certain points during the hormonal cycle, where everything seems more stressful and energy-sapping than usual. And my skin feels thinner and I take everything more… Continue reading Stress


I was talking to someone on Tumblr the other day about the special project with royal biographies, we did over at The Royal Forums when the Norwegian monarchy turned 100. That was in 2005. I suddenly realised that that is 13 years ago. People are on the Internet now, joining social media (legally), who were… Continue reading Royalty


It’s my birthday. I’m going to be the cliché and say that the years really do pass faster as I’m getting older. 35, but don’t really feel it. My boss had to check the employment records yesterday to see if the birthday list in our break room was correct – so I guess I don’t… Continue reading 35

Bubble tea at home

I have such a weakness for bubble tea that I walked an insane amount on holiday to get it. Multiple times. In multiple cities. And so, I had to try to make it myself. Today the tapioca pearls arrived in the mail. I followed the mix of the recipe from the vendor and this one.… Continue reading Bubble tea at home

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