The dentist tomorrow

I’ve never really had a fear of dentists. As a kid I used to love going to them – and even having a cavity filled in 9th grade wasn’t much of a deterrent. And yet I’m slightly anxious every time I go to the dentist now – after my burnout/anxiety/depression hit fully. Not because it… Continue reading The dentist tomorrow

Oh, joy…(!)

When the PCOS-cycled depression hits when I’m already feeling low from a cold… Yes, Brain, I want to analyse every little detail from today. Especially the ones that make me doubt everything I did. Sure, that’s fun. Ever notice that magically when you’re in that headspace, you forget everything you did that was actually good?… Continue reading Oh, joy…(!)

Algorithms vs. chronological

When I first started reading social media (be it LiveJournal, Facebook, GoogleReader (RIP) or Twitter), things were easy. It was chronological.  That meant that whenever I reached a post I remembered reading before, I was done.  Now, a lot of the sites have gone the direction of using algorithms that show you what you see,… Continue reading Algorithms vs. chronological

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Reading challenge

Activity-wise, my spare time go in waves. So far this year, it’s been mostly about the books.  I figure I have to get ahead in my challenge before my focus change. 

Happy New Year

​​the fireworks that the neighbours are setting off. May 2017 be a good year.  ​

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