I curl up in bed

aches, pains and all, and wonder what is wrong with me. I check the calendar – and it is hormones cycling around like crazy. And a time I generally try to stay as zen as possible because any major issues can throw it all out of balance. But: Real life is full of stress. And… Continue reading I curl up in bed


One of the triggers for my health issues, is, surprise – surprise, stressful situations or situations that send my mind into overdrive and I stress about. Mostly this is at certain points during the hormonal cycle, where everything seems more stressful and energy-sapping than usual. And my skin feels thinner and I take everything more… Continue reading Stress


I think my goal for 2018 is going to be cutting food/drink from my diet that has unexpected, unecessarily added sugar/sweetener. I’m not going to radically stop eating sweets, but I find it incredible to see sugar listed twice on the ingredients of a frozen pizza, for example. If I eat a chocolate or a… Continue reading Sugar

I’m a grown-up

Finished work for today. Made dinner (from yesterday’s leftovers.) Loaded (and put on) the dishwasher. Loaded and started the washer. Eh… enough at being a grown-up for today: Play Sims 4 for the rest of the day.

The dentist tomorrow

I’ve never really had a fear of dentists. As a kid I used to love going to them – and even having a cavity filled in 9th grade wasn’t much of a deterrent. And yet I’m slightly anxious every time I go to the dentist now – after my burnout/anxiety/depression hit fully. Not because it… Continue reading The dentist tomorrow

Oh, joy…(!)

When the PCOS-cycled depression hits when I’m already feeling low from a cold… Yes, Brain, I want to analyse every little detail from today. Especially the ones that make me doubt everything I did. Sure, that’s fun. Ever notice that magically when you’re in that headspace, you forget everything you did that was actually good?… Continue reading Oh, joy…(!)