Helt Konge

Some years ago, the Norwegian language adopted a new use of the word King. It was not used solely to refer to King Harald anymore.   From being a substantive, it also mutated into being an adjective. Things that formerly were cool were suddenly “konge”/”king.”   And, as always, the newspapers gripped hold of this… Continue reading Helt Konge

3 Sisters

I picked up 3 søstre by Jon Bloch Skipper at the bookstore at Magasin on my way home from work.

Royal Magazines

It is not always easy to find royal magazines. Even in Europe. Or, more precisely, it is not always easy to find them outside the geographic scope they publish for. Where many newspaper/magazine kiosks will have Cosmopolitan, Elle or Vogue, often in more than one language, they often don’t seem to cater to those of… Continue reading Royal Magazines

First royal book

In 1996, I received my first copy of a book that would prove to give ample fruit to the interest in future investigations on the subject. The city was London, with its many bookshops, and in one of those… I received my first copy of Kings and Queens of England and Great Britain, by Eric R Delderfield.… Continue reading First royal book