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For a long period, I haven’t done much royal blogging, but I thought I would share what I’m reading/recently have read with you.

I’ve recently finished the new biography on Prince Charles by Sally Bedell Smith. I liked that it feels balanced – Prince Charles isn’t perfect, but he is also not as monstrous as he has been portrayed in the press about certain things. It’s not the best biography I’ve read, but it isn’t the worst either.

The next step is to start on the biography of the Duchess of Cornwall by Penny Junor. Has anyone read it?

Some books are books I just zip through, whereas other take a bit more time. I have been working my way through Queen Anne: the politics of passion for a couple of years now. It’s really a bit more interesting than it sounds like (given the reading speed), as it’s an era of royalty that I wasn’t hugely familiar with. But it is mostly me reading a chapter or two and then being satisfied with that for a while.

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