Gooseberry cordial

I made some cordial last summer with plums and apples – but then I saw this blog post early in July. It is a gooseberry cordial! I immediately went home to my parents and robbed their gooseberry bush. (I asked first. Or maybe said – I will drop by to get your gooseberries. Either way, I informed.)… Continue reading Gooseberry cordial


A selection of photos from the åast couple of weeks. I moved home from Oslo, and went straight to work. My holiday time is in the end of August… But I still have managed to enjoy the summertime.

Sunday video: Summer of 69

I see that this video was recorded in 1984… so, I can’t claim summer memories from it – I was a year old back then. But the feeling of just lazing about in a hammock… that’s summer. What’s summer for you?