Favourite things in nature

I’m generally not an autumn person. I don’t like it when it gets colder outside, which (in Norway) happens just about when the calendar hits September 1. This year we’ve been fortunate, and have had a very mild season. But what I do love about autumn – the changing colours. This was taken in the… Continue reading Favourite things in nature

Prince George

He’s now more than a week old, Prince George of Cambridge. He’s also the most talked about baby globally for quite some time. Frankly, I haven’t bothered posting about him before, because it seemed like there was a huge overload of it. I especially liked the Huffington Post’s spoof headline: Woman gives birth to baby.… Continue reading Prince George

Trying to break a habit

So, the Olympics are over. And since I’ve been checking the online newspapers pretty obsessively both because of that, and, it’s been a slow summer, I figured it was time to break my habit. Not write the newspaper-adresses into the browser when I’m bored. Not check every five minutes (really, it doesn’t change much). Not have it on in… Continue reading Trying to break a habit


We’re entering into the month of December soon, and I’ve got lists of what to bake, what to make, and what events to attend. Decorations: I’ve already started on the Christmas decorating with the indoor lights. I’ll be putting up the outdoor lights in the coming week, and Christmas tree later. Food: There are some… Continue reading Lists

Love hearts

The Love Hearts candy was quite big when I was in school. There was a definite interest in finding one that said the right thing. (And possibly send the perfect one to a crush…)  And there’s definitely a nostalgic element to them. Now, I’m less interested in what they say… and only try to find… Continue reading Love hearts

Question: How do you find motivation?

We all have times when finding the motivation to do certain things is a little hard. It might be exercise, housework, schoolwork, or other things. How do you find motivation to keep going with your activity of choice if the inspiration is lacking?

A fresh start

No matter how many technical applications I have for writing in, Word, Scrivener, OpenOffice… – I don’t think there is anything that compares to an empty, lined notebook and a brand new pen that writes well. The rest of the writing process may be messy and disorganized, and may work better in computer-based writing programmes,… Continue reading A fresh start