One of the triggers for my health issues, is, surprise – surprise, stressful situations or situations that send my mind into overdrive and I stress about. Mostly this is at certain points during the hormonal cycle, where everything seems more stressful and energy-sapping than usual. And my skin feels thinner and I take everything more personally than other people might.

Because I have a particular hormonal disorder, I cannot necessarily know in advance when the physical impact will hit the hardest.

It is also very difficult to plan stressful situations.

It can be everything from an email I read, to a particular situation, to just basically existing and having to go somewhere. Or having to leave the bed on particular bad days.

Fortunately the bad days have become quite far between, but they’re still here. Often enough to remind me that I should not take on too much. Often enough to keep me looking for a different job, a different house, a different life at times. And yet, I am happy. I am satisfied. I just bloody wish I had all the energy to trudge ahead and not let the stressful situations get to me so much.

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