Roasted chickpeas as a snack.

Anybody else have cravings for something salty, paprika-ish-y at times? I usually tend to go for the chips, which honestly I feel guilty about straight afterwards. (Though, I will say this that living on the 5th floor with no elevator is great for not feeding in to the cravings. It …


Stockholm – the Royal Palace

So I visited Stockholm two weeks ago. Naturally, I stopped by the Royal Palace. Unfortunately, they have restricted the use of cameras inside – but it is well worth the visit. If you go, I would try to get a guided tour of the treasury. The other rooms can be …


Travelling alone

There are two distinctions to be made here: Travelling alone to meet someone else at a set destination, or Travelling by yourself to spend time in your own company.


Cauliflower soup

Growing up, my mother had her share of stand-by recipes. We were (and to this day some of us still are) a family of picky eaters. Tomato soup, spaghetti and minced meat, home-made pizza, tacos, and cauliflower soup were all things that we’d all eat. Whenever I eat either of …

Image from "Should a Library Have a Dress Code?" (Anderson, 1992).


“You don’t look like the librarians I remember,” he told her. “We’ve changed. There was a whole press release issued about it, but we didn’t get much media coverage.” – Almost Summer by Susan Mallery I really think it is fun to play with the whole librarian stereotype at times. Basically because, …

Chocolate cake

February recipe – BBC GoodFood Calendar

The February recipe in the BBC GoodFood calendar was the Squidgy chocolate & pomegranate torte.  My pomegranate wasn’t tasting as it should, so what ended up on the table was just the torte itself with the ganache. I also don’t have access to a food processor at the moment, so …


National gallery

In my journey to explore Oslo – the time has come to the National Gallery. Oddly enough,as I was walking through the rooms, I was very much reminded of the National Gallery in London. The strong colours of the walls, the placement of the sitting benches in the middle of …