Review: Kongens hus : Alle kongeparets hjem

Kongens hus : Alle kongeparets hjem by Queen Sonja I picked this up at the library, after I saw it exhibited at the Open Palace tour in Oslo. It is a beautiful book filled with photographs and interesting text about all the residences that the King and Queen inhabit. The book is worth looking through for… Continue reading Review: Kongens hus : Alle kongeparets hjem

The Palace

The Palace in Oslo yesterday. The bright light in the centre is the Christmas tree

Moving into the Palace

Earlier this year, in an effort to combat the financial crisis, the Norwegian government set out an emergency financial package. Part of that package was 12.6 Norwegian Kr to renovate the exterior of the residence of the Crown Prince, Skaugum. Additionally, something was to be done about a longtime drainage problem around the property, that… Continue reading Moving into the Palace