Ingrid Alexandra and Sverre Magnus examining the bats at Skaugum

Skaugum in Asker is in bat county. In 2011, nest boxes were put up in trees for the bats – to give them a place to roost. Some species of bats are in danger of extinction. Ingrid Alexandra and Sverre Magnus participated when the boxes were put up. Today, it was time to check progress… Continue reading Ingrid Alexandra and Sverre Magnus examining the bats at Skaugum

Trouble finding farmers

Early last week, Norwegian newspapers reported that Haakon and Mette-Marit were having trouble finding farmers for their farm at Skaugum. It has been a long-time plan for the couple that the production at the farm should go ecological. The application process went through without much trouble. After the prospective farmers took a look at the… Continue reading Trouble finding farmers

Moving into the Palace

Earlier this year, in an effort to combat the financial crisis, the Norwegian government set out an emergency financial package. Part of that package was 12.6 Norwegian Kr to renovate the exterior of the residence of the Crown Prince, Skaugum. Additionally, something was to be done about a longtime drainage problem around the property, that… Continue reading Moving into the Palace

Skaugum going ecological?

The Norwegian Crown Prince and Crown Princess reside on the farm, Skaugum, in Asker, just outside Oslo. The farm is amongst the 200 biggest in Norway, measured by production and agricultural support. They produce grain, feeds, milk and meat. With the current manager up for retirement, the advertisement searching for the replacement is looking for… Continue reading Skaugum going ecological?