Moving into the Palace

Earlier this year, in an effort to combat the financial crisis, the Norwegian government set out an emergency financial package. Part of that package was 12.6 Norwegian Kr to renovate the exterior of the residence of the Crown Prince, Skaugum. Additionally, something was to be done about a longtime drainage problem around the property, that had resulted in mold and rot in the building.

The work began, but has resulted in some changes in the life of the Crown Prince and his family.

The ongoing renovations was the reason for change of scenery on the National Day. The Children’s parade in Asker are usually greeted by the Crown Princely family from the steps of Skaugum. Instead, this year, they were greeted from the entrance to the property. (As seen by Mette-Marit and Sverre Magnus in the picture.)

And now, an additional change has come. Haakon, Mette-Marit and their children have temporarily moved into the Palace in Oslo, for the duration of the renovation, the court reports. It was speculated that they would move into Bygdø kongsgård, which is the summer residence of the King and Queen, and boasts a bit more garden to act as play area for the children.

School and kindergarten won’t be out for a month, so the children will have to be transported back to Asker for their schooling and child-minding.

I suspect the family will be out of the palace, perhaps to their spiffy newly bought summer house in Risør or the King and Queen’s summer house, as soon as the children are out of school.

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