Books I read in November

Well, where have November gone? Looking at the amount of books I read, I have a certain idea of why it went by so quickly… I discovered some new authors through Goodreads – and proceeded to read everything in their series. I also did a bit of travel, which resulted in time to read books.

Books I read in October

October’s been a pretty skimpy reading month, I think. There’s been a lot of house cleaning instead. And still more house cleaning to come.

Book review: Dronningen (100 things #5)

There is a new Norwegian book out, about Queen Sonja. Dronningen by Ingar Sletten Kolloen. Already last week, the papers were filled with news from the book (some of which were definitely known before) her two miscarriages, that Mette-Marit served her potential mother-in-law pasta with canned tuna the first time they met, (the book specifies… Continue reading Book review: Dronningen (100 things #5)

Books I read in September

The first week of September was vacation time – Paris, and reading in the parks, and in caf├ęs. Some books were more serious, but basically it’s been a month of reading fluff. And it’s been glorious.

Books I read in August

Oh, these books. I think I’ve read less books in August than I anticipated. Mostly because I’ve been reading fan fiction instead.

Books I read in July

Despite it being summer, I’ve been working in July – and when I haven’t been working, I’ve been working out. Since I discovered that I can bring my iPad, loaded with television shows to the gym, I’ve been zooming through episodes of Castle instead of reading books while stationary bike riding. The weather haven’t been… Continue reading Books I read in July

Books I read in June

I somehow felt like I wasn’t reading enough in June, and then I started on book one of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, and zoomed through the first ones in about three days. Books I read in June:

Books I read in May

There were a couple of very long weekends in May, and some summertime where I spent my time reading in the sun.