Books I read in April

April was Easter break, and a lot of books read. Some newly published books, and some books that have been backlisted. I’ve ordered myself a trip to Paris this summer, and Eloisa James’ Paris in Love was quite instrumental in making me look forward to that with its little tidbits about living in Paris. It’s… Continue reading Books I read in April

Books I read in March

You know you have high expectations for your own reading when you do a count of your reading so far on March 6, and think… only 6 books? Granted, it’s picked up since then.

Books I read in February

I have started a couple of heavier books, but the biography on Queen Anne and (yet another) biography on Queen Elizabeth will probably end up being finished in March and be on March’s list instead. I’m also getting back to reading while biking, or in the walking-breaks between running in the Couch25K programme, so I… Continue reading Books I read in February