Books I read in November

Well, where have November gone? Looking at the amount of books I read, I have a certain idea of why it went by so quickly…

I discovered some new authors through Goodreads – and proceeded to read everything in their series.

I also did a bit of travel, which resulted in time to read books.

Alexander, Victoria – Lord Stillwell’s excellent engagements
Andre, Bella – Love me
Andre, Bella – Take me
Le Billon, Karen – French kids eat everything
Burrowes, Grace – Lady Louisa’s Christmas knight
Burrowes, Grace – The courtship
Burton, Jaci – The ties that bind
Dane, Lauren – Tart
Dane, Lauren – Laid open
Dane, Lauren – Inside out
Dane, Lauren – Never enough
Dane, Lauren – Laid bare
Dane, Lauren – Coming undone
Dane, Lauren – Sway
Donovan, Susan – Public displays of affection
Enoch, Suzanne – Good earl hunting
Foley, Gaelen – My scandalous viscount
Force, Marie – Season for love
Force, Marie – Longing for love
Force, Marie – Hoping for love
Force, Marie – Falling for love
Force, Marie – Ready for love
Force, Marie – Fool for love
Force, Marie – Maid for love
James, Eloisa – Seduced by a pirate
Jeffries, Sabrina – ‘Twas the night before Christmas
Jewel, Carolyn – Midnight scandals
Kendrick, Sharon – Back in the headlines
Lee, Roz – Going deep
Linden, Caroline – One night in London
Marinelli, Carol – Banished to the harem
Maxwell, Cathy – The Scottish witch
Maxwell, Cathy – The marriage contract
McCarthy, Erin – Back to basics
Milburne, Melanie – Surrendering all but her heart
Nash, Sophia – The kiss
Nash, Sophia – A dangerous beauty
Nash, Sophia – Between the duke and the deep blue sea
Nash, Sophia – The art of duke hunting
Nash, Sophia – Love with the perfect scoundrel
Nash, Sophia – Secrets of a scandalous bride
Neels, Betty – When May follows
Neville, Miranda – The amorous education of Celia Seaton
Neville, Miranda – The wild marquis
Neville, Miranda – The dangerous viscount
Neville, Miranda – The importance of being wicked
Neville, Miranda – The second seduction of a lady
Peterfreund, Diana – Tap & gown
Peterfreund, Diana – Rites of spring
Peterfreund, Diana – Under the rose
Peterfreund, Diana – Secret society girl
Thomas, Sherry – Private arrangements
Thomas, Sherry – Not quite a husband
Thomas, Sherry – Tempting the bride
Thomas, Sherry – Beguiling the beauty
Thomas, Sherry – Ravishing the heiress
Thomas, Sherry – His at night
West, Annie – Defying her desert duty

Books read in November: 58
Books read in 2012: 455

By Anne

Anne is a librarian by day. By night, she reads. She knits. She watches movies and television shows. She enjoys board games. And posting on royal related forums.

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