Books I read in December

And so, another year is almost over. And this is the last book tally of 2012. I’ve registered some of the books I’ve read this month on Goodreads, but not all of them. I topped out at 502 books for the year, which is a decent enough number, I suppose.

My reading goal for 2013 is to finish reading the stack of royal biographies I have got in my To be read pile. For some reason, I’ve mainly kept to the lighter materials for 2012, but still bought the other books. So 2013 will be the time to get back to that.

Alexander, Victoria – What happens at Christmas
Andersen, Susan – That thing called love
Andre, Bella – Come a little bit closer
Burrowes, Grace – The virtuoso
Burrowes, Grace – Lady Maggie’s secret scandal
Burton, Jaci – The best thing
Burton, Jaci – All she wants for Christmas
Burton, Jaci – A rare gift
Butler, Reece – Southern seduction
Callen, Gayle – The return of the viscount
Chase, Loretta – The Knaves wager
Cox, Maggie – What his money can’t hide
Dare, Tessa – A week to be wicked
Druckerman, Pamela – Bringing up Bebe
Fox, Michael J. – Always looking up
Fox, Michael J. – Lucky man
Galen, Shana – When you give a duke a diamond
Gracey, Anna – PCOS Book for women
Graham, Lynne – A ring to secure his heir
Hawkins, Karen – How to capture a countess
Heath, Lorraine – Deck the halls with love
James, Eloisa – To wed a rake
Johnston, Kristen – Guts
Jordan, Penny – The mistress assignment
Jordan, Penny – Mistress to her husband
Jordan, Penny – Mistress of convenience
Kelly, Mira Lyn – Front page affair
Lawrence, Kim – The Petrelli heir
Linden, Caroline – Blame it on Bath
Linden, Caroline – I love the earl
Linden, Caroline – The way to a duke’s heart
Maxwell, Cathy – A scandalous marriage
Maxwell, Cathy – Married in haste
Miller, Linda Lael – Big sky river
Morgan, Sarah – A night of no return
Morgan, Sarah – The forbidden Ferrera
Morgan, Sarah – Woman in a sheikh’s world
Neels, Betty – The quiet professor
Neville, Miranda – Never resist temptation
Ranney, Karen – A scandalous Scot
Romain, Theresa – Season for temptation
Romain, Theresa – Season for surrender
Ugel, Edward – I’m with Fatty: Losing 50 pounds in 50 miserable weeks.
Wentworth, Ali – Ali in Wonderland
Wilde, Lori – The Christmas cookie chronicles: Christine
Wilde, Lori – The Christmas cookie chronicles: Raylene
Wilde, Lori – The Christmas cookie chronicles: Carrie

Books read in December: 47
Books read in 2012: 502

By Anne

Anne is a librarian by day. By night, she reads. She knits. She watches movies and television shows. She enjoys board games. And posting on royal related forums.

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