Apple Cinnamon Rolls

All across the spring semester, I was testing Oslo for the perfect cinnamon bun. Whenever I would spot one in a display case, that was what I would order. And almost inevitably be let down. Either the buns were too dry, too little filling… or just plain wrong. What can I say, cinnamon buns are… Continue reading Apple Cinnamon Rolls

Caramelized Apple Tarte Fine

      When this recipe came across my RSS reader, I bookmarked it. And forgot it. And suddenly it was September, and the crazy old apple tree in the garden that magically produced edible apples this year was booming with apples. I searched through the recipes and found this again. Caramelized Apple Tarte Fine… Continue reading Caramelized Apple Tarte Fine

Apple Chutney

Chutneys are becoming one of my favorite things to make – essentially it is just a matter of putting the ingredients into a saucepan and letting them bubble together for a long period. The downside is that the chutneys need to stand for a while to mature, so no instant gratification. The apple tree in… Continue reading Apple Chutney