BuzzFeed Style Guide

For the more popcultural linguistics out there: BuzzFeed’s Style Guide.  How BuzzFeed authors should write certain words or phrases, to get “consistency and accuracy across…”

Linguistic question

In Norwegian, an umbrella is called paraply. It takes its name from the French (presumably) parapluie. It means defence against the rain. A parasol is designed to use as defence against the sun. This lady in front of me today was using her umbrella to protect herself against the snow. I wonder if there is… Continue reading Linguistic question

Learning the languages of the country?

While in Finnmark, Haakon and Mette-Marit received the question of whether or not Princess Ingrid Alexandra would be receiving training in the Sámi language. The Crown Princely couple replied that it was doubtful as not all schools offer lessons in the language, but that if they really wanted to, they would have to look at… Continue reading Learning the languages of the country?

Plural of Kings?

Often one can get confused linguistically in terms of royal watching in a language other than English.   In Spanish, whenever the King and Queen attend something together, they are referred to as the plural of King in the Court Calendar of Casa Real. (Los Reys).

Helt Konge

Some years ago, the Norwegian language adopted a new use of the word King. It was not used solely to refer to King Harald anymore.   From being a substantive, it also mutated into being an adjective. Things that formerly were cool were suddenly “konge”/”king.”   And, as always, the newspapers gripped hold of this… Continue reading Helt Konge