Victoria’s wedding, cost vs. profit had an article a while ago, which I found fascinating, and wanted to discuss. They have basically taken the potential wedding between Crown Princess Victoria and her boyfriend, Daniel Westling and calculated what they estimate to be the cost of the wedding, and the profits. Let’s take a look at their calculations:

The Jewels of the Danish royal house

Juvelerne i det danske kongehus – Bjarne Steen Jensen, 2001. According to an interview with Bjarne Steen Jensen in 2006, he has spent years building up his knowledge of the Danish royal jewels, and this most certainly shines through in this quite excellent reference book on the jewels in the Danish royal family.

By William’s beard

Evidently, the big topic with Prince William of Wales these days, is that he’s growing a beard. Or can’t find a razor. Whichever you think is likely. The issue seems to be when he will shave it off, as the RAF doesn’t quite see the necessity of beards in their service.

County visits

For the people who didn’t spend their education memorizing the Norwegian counties as yours truly did; Norway is divided into 19 counties – which in turn is divided into municipalities. (If you’re interested in random factoids; there are 430 municipalities.)   The royal family has made a habit of making special visits to the counties,… Continue reading County visits

“Our” royals?

A lot of the time, when someone is about to make an argument against having a monarchy- if they diverge from the ever faithful “they’re living on our taxes” argument, or the “it’s an old-fashioned form of government” one- for some of the countries we usually end up with the ever true and tried one:… Continue reading “Our” royals?