Royal Magazines

It is not always easy to find royal magazines. Even in Europe.

Or, more precisely, it is not always easy to find them outside the geographic scope they publish for. Where many newspaper/magazine kiosks will have Cosmopolitan, Elle or Vogue, often in more than one language, they often don’t seem to cater to those of us who’re into royalty.

It is therefore I’m so very happy when I’m in Stavanger. Then I know that I can go to the Narvesen by the cinema (on Arneageren) and find a fairly broad selection of magazines that cover royals from European countries. There’s Billedbladet from Denmark, Royals from Belgium, Hello and Hola!, Svensk Damtidning, and so on. On my last visit, I was most pleased to find the new Swedish magazine dedicated solely to royalty – Queen.

Queen is a magazine I’ve been looking for in shops in Copenhagen, and I had almost decided on heading over the Øresund to Malmö in my quest for a copy. Now, I don’t have to do that.

(Did I enjoy the magazine? Yes, with a few minor exceptions. Was it worth getting? Definitely! It brightened an otherwise dreary plane trip.)

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