Helt Konge

Some years ago, the Norwegian language adopted a new use of the word King. It was not used solely to refer to King Harald anymore.


From being a substantive, it also mutated into being an adjective. Things that formerly were cool were suddenly “konge”/”king.”


And, as always, the newspapers gripped hold of this fascinating new meaning, which allowed them to make less than clever puns when they talked about the King, or the royal family.


The picture text in this article on the Norwegian holiday residences, state that the King and Queen have it “helt konge” at their summer house.


It is also used about their visit to Nordland. And, of course, when they opened the new playground – the playground was, according to the paper, helt konge.


A boat trip in sunny weather this summer was also described by the same words. As was the new Lexus the royal family acquired.


Whereas, the deficit in the royal budget was described as not “helt konge”…

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