Loathe radio

I’ve spent some time focusing on making a road trip playlist. The reason for this is that I listen to music, but I really don’t like listening to the radio. I get the feeling that even the radio channels that advertise that they have just music, have just as much time with jingles saying they’ve… Continue reading Loathe radio

I cut my hair

Last week, I had my hair cut. It went from being a far bit down my back to just barely touching my shoulders. Also, it is now layered. It’s a lot more messy than it was, but at the same time, I think the shorter hair makes me look more adult. At almost 27, I… Continue reading I cut my hair

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The danger of working at the library

Is the cookbook shelf. I keep bringing them home, because I’m so tempted by the covers and the titles… But I don’t know where (or if) I’ll get the time to make all of these recipes that look interesting.


Sometimes it is strange coming back to old haunts; I moved from Copenhagen earlier this summer. And I’ve been visiting again this weekend. From the moment on the metro when I didn’t get off on my usual stop, close by where I used to live, things have been kind of odd. I know this place,… Continue reading Copenhagen