Advent calendar: Colour away

I know colouring books for grown-ups are everywhere. I have a lot of them myself – and the more I have, the less patience I have for doing it.

But, for me, what is fun, is having a bunch of colouring books, drawing pencils and markers and having my sisters over for a colouring session. It is so much better when you can look at what the others are doing. Even though the point of colouring books for adults might be the mindfullness aspect of it, I find that that is one of the things I don’t have interest in.*

This one looks nifty for adding to the collection and bringing out for the holiday parties: The Magical Christmas: A Colouring Book

* This might explain why my mother is showing no hesitation in throwing away my old colouring books as I had a tendency to scribble all over them with one or two colours. For far longer than my age would dictate normal.

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