Nanowrimo update

So far, about the only thing I have done with success (out of the three things I am signed up for that happens in November, as mentioned in an earlier blog post) is Nanowrimo. I’m a rebel this year. I am actually not writing a novel. Instead, I am sort of journaling the mood of… Continue reading Nanowrimo update


 Also… I finished Nanowrimo in November! A triumph because it has been such a long time since I actually sat down and enjoyed the process of writing. The one thing I said to myself every day as I was writing: don’t stop to research, just write. And I wrote. And I am sure it was… Continue reading Nanowrimo

Nano, yet again

I think I have my Nanowrimo strategy now. I have sorted out some characters and a basic plot. But my “winning” strategy back when I actually managed 50,000 words in November was to start with a scene and not plot anything in advance. It made the story go everywhere, but at least I got the… Continue reading Nano, yet again