Dye yarn

I tried my hand at dyeing yarn with Wilton’s gel food coloring recently. I tried two methods, one on the stovetop and one in the microwave. The (100% wool) yarn I started with was fluffy. After being in a water bath with vinegar, it was no longer fluffy. But it took color really well, and… Continue reading Dye yarn

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It is crazy to think that when I wake up tomorrow, Scotland might be independent.

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Color palettes

Nifty – if you’ve got an image in mind and want to see what the colour palette would be… Color thief – I think this is my favourite. It is javascript based, drag-drop, and super easy to use. The one downside is that you can’t immediately see the codes of the colors that come out of… Continue reading Color palettes


Have you heard of the game 2048? It is addictive. And then come the rip-offs – some are funny, like the BBC Sherlock edition. Or even more difficult, like the Tetris version. You can also make your own version of the game – I made an Alphabet one.  And then I thought of the possible royal… Continue reading 2048

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, oh my…

The news that Twitter is rolling out new profiles is not happy news to me. Especially since they will end up looking like Facebook profiles. Mashable argues that it might not be a huge problem, since most of Twitter’s existing users probably already read/send their tweets through various applications – and not on the main… Continue reading Twitter, Facebook, Google+, oh my…

BuzzFeed Style Guide

For the more popcultural linguistics out there: BuzzFeed’s Style Guide.  How BuzzFeed authors should write certain words or phrases, to get “consistency and accuracy across…”

Linguistic question

In Norwegian, an umbrella is called paraply. It takes its name from the French (presumably) parapluie. It means defence against the rain. A parasol is designed to use as defence against the sun. This lady in front of me today was using her umbrella to protect herself against the snow. I wonder if there is… Continue reading Linguistic question

WordCamp Norway

Last weekend I hung out at WordCamp Norway. Something I would not have done if I wasn’t in Oslo this year. So much fun!