What’s Your Movie Monster Name?

Halloween might be over, but monsters are good any time, really. I’m Attack of the Mutant Swamp Beasts. How about you? What’s Your Movie Monster Name? – Cheezburger.

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If you like to travel…

and see new places, being a member of Google’s trekker team looks like a pretty sweet deal. Granted, you either have to do it in a car or with a gigantic camera strapped to your back – but new places! Now Google Street View has mapped Venice.  


From the New York Times – German words for the human condition: Schottenfreude – Op-Art – NYTimes.com. For my two sisters who speak German. (And the rest of you, who also do.)

Virtual cleaning

I was updating my iPad, when I realized that I am constantly updating a lot of apps. The majority of which I never use, and which are rather pointless to keep permanently. I could just delete them, and then, should I need them  – it is possible to download  again. Especially since downloading an app… Continue reading Virtual cleaning

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Wednesday Wants: Pac-Man Stress Toys

So, feeling stressed? These toys from ThinkGeek look pretty fun to me. In addition to squeezing them for stress release, there is also the smile they’ll put on your face when you see them. ThinkGeek :: Pac-Man Stress Toys. Smiling is also de-stressing, right?