No shit

This is what is needed for when the drain is full of various stuff, apparently.

Purple house

The purple house in the picture have received media attention in the local paper. It’s just about the only house in that area of town with an untraditional colour. Most of the other houses are white or grey. It seems everyone has an opinion on it – the neighbours have complained to the municipality, as… Continue reading Purple house

Oh, Amazon

A while back, I rated Star Wars Episode IV on Amazon. I loved the Star Wars movies as a kid, and I love them now. The thrill of watching Luke, Leia, Han and Chewbacca defeat the empire, the agony of watching Luke lose his arm… and the banter going back and forth between Han and… Continue reading Oh, Amazon

The Norwegian Royal Homepage, now also for children

The Norwegian royal court has introduced a version of their website for children around the age of 10-11. The idea behind the website is to inform the children about the function of the monarchy, especially adapted to their age group. The court also recently opened a version of the webpage in S├ími. The pages have… Continue reading The Norwegian Royal Homepage, now also for children