BBC GoodFood Calendar November

The toffee apple and pecan cake was the recipe of November in the BBC GoodFood Calendar.

It was an interesting cake – taste wise not quite like anything I’ve had before. The filling was delicious, and I made double on the advice of the comments at the site, but if I make it again, I think I will omit the pecans.


BBC GoodFood Calendar October


The picture here looks less than appetising – but the Butternut Dauphinoise that was the October recipe from the BBCGoodFood Calendar was really tasty. I did not have thyme, so I added rosemary instead.

It’s really a cheesy side dish (works well together with either salmon fillets or chicken), that is perfect for the autumn.

BBC GoodFood Calendar September

IMG_2076.JPGI have officially eaten waaay too much of this tray bake. I first had one slice. Then another couple of slices as I was catching up on the dessert episode of The Great British Bake Off – and then I needed another slice as Iain’s ice cream disappeared into the trash bin.

I feel too full.

It is the oaty plum gingerbread slice that is the recipe for September. You kind of have to love ginger to make it – or possibly cut down a bit on it.

One advantage though is that it is really not a huge tray bake.

BBC GoodFood Calendar August


IMG_2056.JPGI never got around to making the recipes for June and July in the calendar. Basically, in June I was trying to get as much of Oslo in as I could, grading final exams and moving. In July, it was insanely hot. I spent as little time as possible in the kitchen.

August’s recipe is different. August’s recipe took about 5-10 minutes to put together and then a bit more to bake.

Herbed summer veg tarts

I know it does not look like much in my picture. But make it. It tastes delicious. Also, super easy dinner.

May recipe: BBC GoodFood calendar

20140602-134900-49740215.jpgI originally thought that the BBC GoodFood May Calendar recipe would be perfect for when I had a friend to stay for the month – she is a pescetarian. And the recipe is called Simple Salmon with spring pasta.

Unfortunately for her, the fact was  that this is wrapped in prosciutto. So I ended up making it after she’d left. But, for someone who eats meat, the salmon wrapped in the prosciutto… delicious.

It was slightly more liquid than what I would have liked. If I make it again, I would probably cut down on that.

But delicious.

April recipe: BBC GoodFood calendar

My original plan was to make all the recipes in the BBC GoodFood Calendar for 2014. I have done well so far – three meals for three months. But somehow I failed when it came to April’s recipe.

It is these Hot Cross Bun Cupcakes.

There were multiple reasons for the failure. I had a health episode the week before Easter wherein I lost all energy (the trip from my bed to the kitchen felt a mile long. It is in the next room.) and did not feel like shopping and baking.

When I went home for Easter and thought I might be able to tempt my sisters into accompanying me, I was informed that hot cross buns are not nice to eat, and that I shouldn’t make them.

And thus, the Easter is over, and any point in making the hot cross bun cupcakes is really also over for this year.

A 75% success rate in the calendar so far.

March recipe: BBC GoodFood Calendar


The March Recipe from the BBC GoodFood was this Lamb & Mango Curry. My local store did not have any lamb that wasn’t super expensive, so I replaced it with pork. Without any issues.

Minimal work, mostly it “makes itself” in the oven.

The curry actually really needs the mango to be interesting. A small dollop of natural yogurt, sour cream or something similar was a good addition.

It makes enough for six – you can freeze it, but it lasted pretty well in the fridge for three days. (At that point I was tired of eating the same thing for dinner anyway…)

February recipe – BBC GoodFood Calendar

Chocolate cakeThe February recipe in the BBC GoodFood calendar was the Squidgy chocolate & pomegranate torte. 

My pomegranate wasn’t tasting as it should, so what ended up on the table was just the torte itself with the ganache.

I also don’t have access to a food processor at the moment, so I used my blender to blitz the almonds. It may have resulted in slightly bigger pieces, but not by much.

I brought the resulting cake with me to work, where it was promptly devoured. I even spotted some of my colleagues scraping the tin. The latter may be a sign that it should go on the list of cakes to make again.

January recipe – BBC GoodFood calendar

Kale and fuet hashWith the December issue of BBC GoodFood came their calendar for 2014 as well. It’s a nice enough basic calendar, with one thing that elevates it – it has amazing pictures, and one recipe per month.

For January the recipe was Kale and Chorizo hash. With a fried egg on top.

Personally, I don’t care for chorizo, so I substituted Fuet for that.

Overall, it was a pretty tasty dish. (They say the dish serves two, but I ended up going back for seconds, despite planning on having the leftovers for lunch tomorrow, so it definitely depends.)

And my fried egg on top looks like it decided to almost scramble, but didn’t… but still tasty.