The Ski Museum

On Saturday, when the majority of people on the Frognerseteren metro-line were heading up to ski, I was heading up for the Ski Museum. If I had been a bit smarter about this – I would have realized that the Ski Museum is really a better place to visit if a) you have your own… Continue reading The Ski Museum

Mette-Marit as a ski instructor

Snow is not necessarily something all the immigrants who come to Norway are familiar with, and since it really started snowing in December, there has been a lot of snow coming down. The organization ChangeWeNeed took advantage of the weather, and arranged a ski weekend at Hvalstad Asylum for the underage immigrants who’re residents there.… Continue reading Mette-Marit as a ski instructor

Marie’s new protectorate: The Danish Ski Federation

In a move I suspected back in 2007, Princess Marie has taken on the patronage of the Danish Ski Federation. The Federation has been working for a while to achieve this matter. It is an effort in trying to make winter sports more attractive to Danes, and increase its publicity. The head of the Danish… Continue reading Marie’s new protectorate: The Danish Ski Federation