Mette-Marit as a ski instructor

Snow is not necessarily something all the immigrants who come to Norway are familiar with, and since it really started snowing in December, there has been a lot of snow coming down. The organization ChangeWeNeed took advantage of the weather, and arranged a ski weekend at Hvalstad Asylum for the underage immigrants who’re residents there.

It would give them a chance to play in the snow, and learn to ski, toboggan, play in the snow and grill hot dogs over open fire. The same things that Norwegian youngsters may experience growing up.

Crown Princess Mette-Marit took the time to join in the fun, while her husband wrapped up things in Davos. Along with the mayor of Asker, she showed the immigrants how to ski, with special focus on getting up the hill, and “breaking” when going downhill, joined in on the tobogganing, and ended the day with a warm hot dog.

“I’m not sure if I’m a good skier,” the Crown Princess commented when praised by the teens. “But I’ve been skiing every day [now].”


  1. What a fantastic day! It was marvelous to experience so may smiles and active teenagers. Around 30 youth from the asylum camp met the Crown Princess, Mette Marit. She taught them how to ski and gave them an introduction to Norwegian winter customs! What an amazing woman!
    The teenagers at the asylum camp had a fantastic day skiing with the Crown princess! First they did not believe that she would actually come skiing with them, I had translators’ explaining this to them, but still it seemed like an unrealistic thing for several of the youth at the camp. When she did arrive they found her to be a very “down to earth”, kind, helpful and likable person. This was a true experience of Norwegian culture and life. She proved to be an excellent skiing instructor. One of the boys said “This is the best day of my whole entire life”. I hope and believe that the past weekend has given the teenagers at the camp a better way of integrating in Norwegian society. Grilling sausages over a bonfire in the snow was something they thought was very odd. Seeing Mette Marit doing this together with them was a very positive experience and not to mention a great welcoming gesture.
    I know, because I work at the camp! Thank you for giving youth with a lot of troubles on their minds, activities and light during their time waiting for their case being possessed. Tina Semb.

  2. Thank you for your comment Tina, it’s good to hear that the day was a wonderful experience for them and that Mette-Marit was on a “level” that made them connect with her.

    I think it’s so wonderful how your Crown Princess really chooses her causes and then commits to them on a very personal level, and this one could not be any better. This group of children deserve all the spotlight and good experiences they can get, I guess if it was up to us they would not be in this situation. Thank you for the work you do, and my thoughts are with you all.

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