Airport love

In Norway, the television channel TV2 won the rights to the 2014 Olympics over the State broadcaster NRK. This means that there are commercial breaks during the games. They’re not too good about showing when the commercials start. In the Olympic Opening Ceremony the following commercial was shown. And it took me until the end… Continue reading Airport love

Crown Prince Haakon for Lillehammer 2016

Behind the scenes: Crown Prince Haakon from our film shoot today. Nice jacket! @Kronprinsparet #lillehammer2016 — Lillehammer2016 (@lillehammer2016) February 7, 2014 Crown Prince Haakon is on the committee for the Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympics. Yesterday he was filming a promotional film for the games.

Winter Olympics then and now

In preparation for the Winter Olympics tomorrow: Mashable has created a GIF ┬álist of some the various sports of the Winter Olympics, and the difference between when they were first introduced and now. The scariest one is the Swiss bob sled team. I don’t think it is without reason that the bob sledders now (unlike… Continue reading Winter Olympics then and now

20 years ago

in February, the Lillehammer Olympics. I remember sitting with my best friend and our families and watching the opening ceremony. And eating fastelavnsboller. Watching the ceremony is a good warm-up for the Olympics opening ceremony next Friday…

Video: US Swim team

It’s the Olympics, and this past week, I’ve been gazing at sports I never follow the rest of the time. (In addition to handball, because, you know… Norway does pretty well at that regularly.) Among sports such as fencing, cycling (I’ve never understood the fascination of Tour de France, except, well, France), women’s weight lifting,… Continue reading Video: US Swim team

Marie’s new protectorate: The Danish Ski Federation

In a move I suspected back in 2007, Princess Marie has taken on the patronage of the Danish Ski Federation. The Federation has been working for a while to achieve this matter. It is an effort in trying to make winter sports more attractive to Danes, and increase its publicity. The head of the Danish… Continue reading Marie’s new protectorate: The Danish Ski Federation