Norwegian National Day pt. 1

It is the National day of Norway today, and in true fashion, the Crown Princely family started the day by greeting the children’s parade in Asker. However, unlike previous years, they weren’t doing it from the front steps of their house, but rather the gate to the estate. Skaugum is being renovated as a part of the financial package from the government to help against the recession.

All members of the family wore their national costumes. Haakon, Mette-Marit, Ingrid Alexandra and Sverre Magnus wore their Asker costumes, whereas Marius wore the same costume as last year, his Hardanger costume.

As the parades in Norway are Children’s Parades, Marius observed the parade until his school walked past, and then he joined his class for the rest of the parade. (Picture here from after that.)

Later today, the members of the Royal House will greet the Children’s Parade in Oslo from the Palace Balcony. The Members of the Norwegian royal house are HM the King, HM the Queen, HRH the Crown Prince, HRH the Crown Princess and Princess Ingrid Alexandra. (Edit: Apparently Prince Sverre Magnus also made a brief appearance).

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