Prince George

He’s now more than a week old, Prince George of Cambridge. He’s also the most talked about baby globally for quite some time.

Frankly, I haven’t bothered posting about him before, because it seemed like there was a huge overload of it. I especially liked the Huffington Post’s spoof headline: Woman gives birth to baby.

What I was disappointed in, as a royal watcher, after the birth was the fact that they sent out a press release before they sent out the traditional easel in front of Buckingham Palace. Stick to tradition, please.

His name.  Good that the parents could survive figuring out how many names he needed. Really. George Alexander Louis. I’m not too keen on the Louis part of it. I get that it is one of the names of Prince Charles, as well as from Louis Mountbatten, and one of the Spencer cousins is also called Louis. Unless he plans to conquer France – I don’t see the point of a British king (assuming he gets that far) being named a French royal name.  Less than interesting tidbit, his initials are GAL – which in Norwegian means crazy.

There has also been mutterings in the media that we won’t get to see him as King, because it is so far in the future.

Never say never. The whole reason for having a line of succession longer than two people is that people die. Slight exaggeration there. But Frederick, Prince of Wales, died in 1751 – nine years before his father, and never ascended to the throne.

I actually think I am more interested in the theoretical and historical side of it rather than the actual royal baby.

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