By William’s beard

Evidently, the big topic with Prince William of Wales these days, is that he’s growing a beard. Or can’t find a razor. Whichever you think is likely. The issue seems to be when he will shave it off, as the RAF doesn’t quite see the necessity of beards in their service.

In the meantime, he’s hunting at Sandringham, with his girlfriend.


Ladbrokes is taking bets on when the shave will come. Will he still be carrying a beard on the 25th?


Crown Prince Haakon of Norway grew a beard on his honeymoon to New York in 2001, that he still sports. As his wife said she prefers him with the beard, it might explain why it is still there.

Felipe of Asturias also grew a beard on his honeymoon. It lasted for a while, but eventually a razor got the better off it.


(According to, we’re now seeing the return of the beard in men’s fashion, and the rougher, the better, so maybe Wills is just following the times?)


Personally, I think that on some men, a beard can look excellent. In Haakon’s case, it helped him to get some definition to the face, and he doesn’t look quite as young and eager now as he did without one. William… well, it seems inevitable that it will go at some point, given the RAF stance.


But does the beard make him appear more grown up?

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