I moved to Oslo last week. It’s a temporary move, six months. Unlike when I lived in Copenhagen, I am going to be a tourist here as well as living here. Which means, try to get in a museum or something fun or cultural (or both) every week. My first week was a trip to… Continue reading Vigelandsparken

If you like to travel…

and see new places, being a member of Google’s trekker team looks like a pretty sweet deal. Granted, you either have to do it in a car or with a gigantic camera strapped to your back – but new places! Now¬†Google Street View has mapped Venice.  

Friedrichstadt, Northern Germany

This summer we stopped by Friedrichstadt, Northern Germany. The town was basically selected because we needed a hotel to stay at (and the spa hotel was fantastic) but surprisingly the town itself was also super charming, with channels around the historic town centre, and roses up along the house walls.

Review: Europe on 5 Wrong Turns a Day: One Man, Eight Countries, One Vintage Travel Guide

Europe on 5 Wrong Turns a Day: One Man, Eight Countries, One Vintage Travel Guide by Doug Mack My rating: 3 of 5 stars This is a fun little read. How does the Europe on 5 dollars a day travel guide from way back translate to traveling in Europe today? Some of us (the author… Continue reading Review: Europe on 5 Wrong Turns a Day: One Man, Eight Countries, One Vintage Travel Guide

Ah, the memories

Last summer, when I was in Paris with my sister, we took the train to Versailles. Although the sheer magnitude of the palace, such as the mirrors and chandeliers in the picture below, is undeniable, there were something else that also caught my attention.¬† Like my 90 year old grandmother, I’m a chocoholic. There is… Continue reading Ah, the memories

Conference life

Conference living part of this week. Must admit I don’t get the appeal of dry biscuits in the breaks, though they do improve when dunked in tea. But the content of the conference is good, and the lunch includes nommy food. Nice.

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As a foreigner, without a good dataplan abroad, I’m very thankful for the multitude of free wi-fi spots everywhere in London. Well, save for McDonald’s. Couldn’t get that working. But everytime I walk past a Waterstone or a Starbucks… I’m up and running. Although yesterday, I had two hours in a Starbucks with just writing.… Continue reading Wi-fi


There’s inevitably one clock I forget to change to daylight savings time. This is bad in spring. Like when I get down to the car, and suddenly realize that I’m up and off to work an hour before I usually am. On the positive side – I also forgot to change my wrist watch, and… Continue reading DST

Things to do: Eat pancakes

Very basic thing to do in Paris – stop at one of the stalls along Champs Elysees, and get a crepe with nutella, or lemon and sugar. And then gobble it up as you sit on a bench and watch the traffic pass by . The Nutella might drip if you’re not careful enough…