*cough* Still alive.

I’ve got myself a Christmas cold. I would feel sorry for myself, but after nearly two years of feeling poorly without any results as to why (until it is suddenly depression/anxiety/panic attacks /burned out.) a cold is really manageable. I mean, drink plenty of fluids. Blow my nose. Try to avoid coughing/sneezing at people and… Continue reading *cough* Still alive.

Changing my life?

I’m doing a small life change. From January to June next year, I’ll be living in Oslo. I’m excited. I’m terrified. And I know that if I don’t like it, it will only be six months. And, while I don’t look forward to living in Oslo in January and February – I am very much… Continue reading Changing my life?

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Conference life

Conference living part of this week. Must admit I don’t get the appeal of dry biscuits in the breaks, though they do improve when dunked in tea. But the content of the conference is good, and the lunch includes nommy food. Nice.

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Corporate library world

April marks the third year I’ve been working in a corporate library. It’s different than a public or a university library. Not so many walk-in patrons. I kind of miss that. But, I don’t have teen girls (or anyone, really) asking me for books about hot vampires anymore, either. So there are positives.

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Clean desk

I cleaned my desk before heading off for the Christmas vacation. Now – four work days later, it is almost as messy as it was when I abandoned it. But the feeling of coming back to a clean desk made it all worth it.

Eating at work

When I got back to work after a two-week vacation, they had started renovating the cafeteria closest to my desk. For the past two days we’ve been trying out the other cafeterias in the building – they serve the same food, which is made in the same kitchen – but somehow it is not the… Continue reading Eating at work