Packing panic

It’s rather strange. I’ve spent so much time planning this trip – it’s been in the works for 2 ½ years now – that it was only last week that I realised it was time to start packing.

Airport security

Of course there is a strike of the security personell at the airport the week I’m scheduled to fly out. Fortunately, my airport is not the hardest hit. Oh, Norway and its labour strikes. Always in the late spring/early summer…

Holiday weather

Obsessively checking the weather of everywhere we’re going. is not making it easy for me, with their 10 days ahead forecast. Damn it, I want to know what the weather is like in Rome in 12 days.


Sometimes it is strange coming back to old haunts; I moved from Copenhagen earlier this summer. And I’ve been visiting again this weekend. From the moment on the metro when I didn’t get off on my usual stop, close by where I used to live, things have been kind of odd. I know this place,… Continue reading Copenhagen