Have you heard of the game 2048? It is addictive. And then come the rip-offs – some are funny, like the BBC Sherlock edition. Or even more difficult, like the Tetris version. You can also make your own version of the game – I made an Alphabet one.  And then I thought of the possible royal… Continue reading 2048

The Royal Resource

A few weeks ago I joined in a Twitter conversation. Most of the times, those kind of conversations lead very few places…  However, this one continued on. After some time planning, back and forth, along with the group of enthusiastic royal watchers, a discussion forum was created. We came together to create a new forum… Continue reading The Royal Resource

Does having a king or a queen make a country stronger?

I rather like this article: Does having a king or a queen make a country stronger? – Sentinel & Enterprise. Mainly because it articulates why I follow royalty – the historic ties to the past and the future is what gets me interested in it. It also makes me remember a Danish newspaper comment after both… Continue reading Does having a king or a queen make a country stronger?

Adventures in royal history

If I had limitless holiday time, funding, and people who wanted to go with me, I would love to take a tour of European castles and palaces. There is just something about stepping through the history and looking at the architecture. And, let’s not forget, going to other countries.

Europe’s grandparents : 100 things challenge #1

If you do any sort of genealogy on royal families in Europe today – the odds are fairly high that four names will show up over and over. In their time, and in history, they’ve received the title of “the grandmother of Europe2, “grandfather of Europe”, “Mother-in-law of Europe”… well, you get the gist. The… Continue reading Europe’s grandparents : 100 things challenge #1