Royal Guest Lists (100 things #9)

Can someone please explain to me the logic of the courts when they reveal their guest list to royal occasions? There is a mish-mash of languages involved, a miss-mash of titles and in the case of the Swedish court – the guest list (or any information, such as engagement announcements) seems to be leaked to the Swedish main press before the court can make a proper announcement about it themselves.

In the case of today’s wedding – Princess Madeleine to Christopher O’Neill (which I always remember to write with two L’s because of Stargate SG-1). The guest list was released on the wedding website. For cousins of the bride, plus their partners, we have “Mr James Ambler och Mrs Ursula Ambler” but we have “Herr Victor Magnuson och Fröken Frida Bergström”

No consistency in choosing one language. For relatives of the bride’s mother, we have “Fröken Chloé Sommerlath. Fröken Anaïs Sommerlath” but “Miss Helena Christina Sommerlath” and “Miss Vivien Nadine Sommerlath.”

One theory could be the country of residence.

Only, the Swedish court have translated the Danish titles, so it is “Kronprinsessan Mary”/”Prinsessan Marie” and not “Kronprinsesse Mary”/”Prinsesse Marie.” And, Scandinavian royals apart, they’re using English titles for the rest of them.

They have put Princess Benedikte under German royals, which technically is right, but have used Swedish translated title on her, whereas the other royals in that category have had their titles translated to English.

Another theory could be the language the guest understands… but it makes no sense when it is a document revealed to the Swedish press.

The Danish royal court is worse, mixing in French with the Danish and English, as seen in the guest list for Mary and Frederik’s wedding. And using French titles on royals who normally are not adressed by titles in French. Such as “S.A.R le Prince d’Orange” or “S.M. la Reine d’Espagne.”

I really wish they would be consistent. Either have it in the language of the person attending, English or have it in the language the guest list is released to.

By Anne

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