Old pictures of royals

Library of Congress has a project going, where they’re adding their collection of old photographs to Flickr – to share them with the public. In that, there’s also some old photographs of the royals. The pictures tagged with royalty can be found here. Enjoy.

Royal family vs. royal house

In the past couple of years, there have come a distinct separation in Norway. It is the line between the members of the royal house (Kongehuset) and the members of the royal family (Kongefamilien). The members of the Royal House is the Monarch and spouse, the Crown Prince/ss and spouse and the heir. The rest… Continue reading Royal family vs. royal house

“Our” royals?

A lot of the time, when someone is about to make an argument against having a monarchy- if they diverge from the ever faithful “they’re living on our taxes” argument, or the “it’s an old-fashioned form of government” one- for some of the countries we usually end up with the ever true and tried one:… Continue reading “Our” royals?

Helt Konge

Some years ago, the Norwegian language adopted a new use of the word King. It was not used solely to refer to King Harald anymore.   From being a substantive, it also mutated into being an adjective. Things that formerly were cool were suddenly “konge”/”king.”   And, as always, the newspapers gripped hold of this… Continue reading Helt Konge