French Christmas Sablés

For my work computer, I tend to use Chocolate & Zucchini’s delicious-looking monthly desktop calendars. I get tons of nice comments on them from co-workers who stop by, and they’re absolutely droolworthy. I get in a better mood just by looking at them. When I noticed that the December wallpaper featured some pretty cookies, I… Continue reading French Christmas Sablés

Norwegian Christmas Decoration: Christmas hearts

The pleated Christmas hearts is a Christmas tree decoration staple in Denmark and Norway. They’re allegedly going back to Hans Christian Andersen, and are fairly easy to make. Since the look of it changes depending on which kind of paper you use and the look of it. Traditionally, red and white is used, but using… Continue reading Norwegian Christmas Decoration: Christmas hearts

That time of year…

As I was proof-reading a friend’s term paper last night, I felt very fortunate to be done with my own term paper and exam-craziness. (For now.) I would however like to wish those of you who still have exams to go the best of luck in your studying. For those of you who’re done for… Continue reading That time of year…

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Third Sunday of Advent

Lit the third Advent candle today – had some trouble lighting the oldest candle… but it worked itself out in the end.

Jewish cakes

In Norwegian these have a really un-PC name, Jødekaker (directly translated it means Jew cakes), but the name comes from the alleged fact that Sephardic jews brought the cookies with them when they immigrated to Norway. Anyone of Jewish descent know anything that resembles it? It’s fairly common in certain parts of Norway, whereas in… Continue reading Jewish cakes

Peppermint Creams

My sister is crazy for peppermint and chocolate flavored things, so it seemed like a good idea to make this recipe that I found in the December 2011 copy of BBC Good Food and to bring with me when I come home for Christmas. (Unless she comes to visit before that and empty out my… Continue reading Peppermint Creams