Norwegian Christmas Cooking: Sirupsnipper

Or as a translation to English might be: Syrup Diamonds. Basically because they’re meant to be shaped like men’s cuff (hence the name in Norwegian) but actually look like the diamonds you find on playing cards. Well, they’re meant to. Mine just looks, er…, odd. But they taste good, and that is the most important… Continue reading Norwegian Christmas Cooking: Sirupsnipper

Advent Calendar, Day 1

Day 1 of the Advent Calendar consisting of movie and television quotes relating to Christmas. I’ve tried keeping them on both the positive and the humorous side, and tried not to repeat films or television series the quotes have been picked from. So, if everything works, there should be 24 different movies or tv series… Continue reading Advent Calendar, Day 1

Christmas Photoshoot with the Norwegian Royals

The annual Christmas photo shoot from the Norwegian royals tend to include an activity of some kind. This year’s activity was decorating a massive gingerbread house in the ball room of the royal palace. The gingerbread house was, as Princess Ingrid Alexandra rightly pointed out in the video, made by gluing gingerbread onto a cardboard… Continue reading Christmas Photoshoot with the Norwegian Royals

A Norwegian Easter

The embodiment of Easter in Norway is to head for the mountains, huddle in a cabin with family and/or friends, eat oranges, chocolate biscuits, and marzipan, and to ski. We’re not amongst those nations who have had enough of the snow when it comes to April, you see. We like to chase after it, to… Continue reading A Norwegian Easter